Strategic Partnerships (Alliances) help to best leverage the services of two companies, achieving maximum success.  These complementary alliances offer effective marketing strategies and when perfectly developed, provide critical competitive advantages for both companies.  We share the same mission with our partners; providing exceptional services and products and building a successful community within this explosive industry.  Together, we accomplish more with added efficiencies, conveniences and safety.

Dixie Elixirs

"At Dixie, we believe that cannabis is powerful, that quality is important and that accurate dosing is everything. Which is why, since 2010, we’ve been leading the industry through research, education and advocacy. And we’ve established ourselves as the trusted source for innovative, safe, effective and delicious cannabis products along the way. We handcraft every product with pure, CO2-extracted THC and a process we’re proud of. We go far above and beyond the mandated batch testing and triple lab test every product we sell. Because when it comes to cannabis, consistency and accuracy are highly important. At Dixie, we’re a lot more than the producers of THC-infused products. We are the future of cannabis."

Witlon Inc.

"Witlon Inc. is an administrative services organization providing payroll management, human resource implementation, recruiting and staffing, product representation, and construction and maintenance project management. We support marijuana related businesses by providing customized solutions to help our clients grow their business and execute operations. Witlon offers a full service solution for our clients in order to serve the demands of the cannabis industry. Our experience managing W2 compliance processing, staff recruiting, construction services and industrial equipment procurement are built to help you grow."

Ms. Mary Staffing

"The amazing growth of the marijuana industry keeps surprising us all. It's beyond our expectations, and it may keep surprising us. That's a good thing, but it also means that you can find yourself short-staffed and need qualified, trustworthy people on short notice. Ms Mary marijuana staffing agency has all the personnel you need. We take care to find the best candidates and screen them rigorously to make sure they're right for the job. When you need people, we work hard to match you up with just the right candidate. Ms. Mary Staffing’s broad array of administrative services for the cannabis industry goes beyond staffing; they also specialize in payroll solutions, workers’ comp, unemployment insurance, state and federal taxes, benefit plans, employee policies, handbooks, and HR consulting.  Ms. Mary Staffing handles all of the aspects of your business that may not be your favorite, so you can focus on what you do best."